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310 North 9th St. , Allentown

Complete restoration in historic district. All new construction interior and exterior.
This is a very large, two unit apartment and garage with over 3,000 sq ft of living space on a
quiet street close to schools and the downtown open air market and arena area.

310 N 9th St.

528 N. Sixth Street (view details)

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An 1892 classic home at 528 N 6th St. in Allentown PA
The Old Fairgrounds Historic District, a few blocks from the River District
Approximate 5,774 sq ft in two structures that include a garage, workshop and Carriage House.

Contains three living units with private and separate entrances.
Also encloses a quiet courtyard between the main building and carriage house:

  • 3 br, 1 1/2 bath, first floor unit approximately 1,358 sq ft
  • 5 br, 2 bath unit on 2nd and 3rd floors with separate entrance and an enormous 2,400 sq ft
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528 N 6th St

NEW Renovation of 1880 Carriage House

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528 N. 6th St. Allentown PA (Rear) - Available

Full three story structure with basement. this field-stone basement with brick upper levels required many repairs. Courtyard along with a 400 pound cast iron fence was rebuilt and re-designed. New roofing, foundation restructure, repair of falling beams and reconstruction of major portions of the exterior. Interior work involved re-plumbing, wiring as well as cosmetic work on floors, walls and ceiling.

Home is now a beautiful three bedroom home with high ceilings and large living and dining rooms.
Over 3,000 sq. ft in space, living area is about 1,300 sq ft.