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1880's Pine Fireplace Mantel

White Pine Fireplace Mantel.

 $ 450 !

Oak Mantel

1880's Oak Fireplace Mantel

Crosscut Oak Fireplace Mantel and beautiful beveled mirror.

 $ 1,275 !

Oak Mantel

Sideboard/ Dry Bar

This is a large serving cabinet found in one of our 1880 renovations of a grand old mansion in Allentown's (PA) Old Fairgrounds District. $400 takes it. This is a beautiful antique.

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Office Dividers & work tables

Amazing buy! Just trying to get rid of them! Suggesting $200.00 for 42 linear feet of wall.



Bose Music Speakers

Set of five (5) Bose speakers (sold)


Antique Brass Gas Lamps/ Dry Bar

Gas Lamps found in the old cellar of our 1880 renovation. A grand old mansion in Allentown's (PA) Old Fairgrounds District.(sold)

Brass Gas Lamps