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The main offices of Contek USA are located in the beautiful Lehigh Valley outside Alburtis PA. We operate in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Contek USA is owned and operated by the engineers and craftsmen of Contek USA LLC and works for renovations and in conjuction with it's sister company Contek Construction.

Contek USA is a design and photographic arts Limited Liability Corporation founded in the Lehigh Valley in 2007. Contek USA's expertise focuses on optical engineering, photographic services, graphics, construction, computers, website design and networking.

Contek USA personnel contain craftsmen, designers and others with BS and MS degrees in Computer Engineering, Optics, Physics and Electrical Engineering. The Contek experience-base leverages strong on our world-class experience in marketing and sales.

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Contek USA LLC
65 Schlossburg St.
Alburtis, PA 81062
phone: 610.462.0706